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Replacement straps for open foot fins. Ergonomic and easy to adjust, the new Bungee Straps are a smart alternative to steel spring straps. The Bungee Strap's elastic straps outperform classic straps in all respects, ensuring a secure fin fit. The two spacers included in the pack increase adaptability.

Available in three sizes and five colours, the new straps are both fashionable - coordinating with the wide range of Mares fins - and extremely comfortable, also thanks to the ergonomic heel counter and the possibility of using them with thick gloves.

The main features of the Bungee Strap are:
- 3 sizes: XS/S - R - XL
- 5 colour variants: BK-WH-BL-YL-LM
- 2 extensions for better adaptability
- Ergonomic heel cover
- Wide eyelet for use with thick gloves


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