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Classic NG diving boots are made from 5mm neoprene. The perfect combination of weight, thermal protection and abrasion protection. Excellent fit.


The Classic NG diving boots have been designed to maximise comfort: they are made from 5mm neoprene. They have a hardwearing rubber sole that guarantees maximum protection for the feet. The boots are also equipped with a side zip that allows the socks to be put on easily. The side zip also makes it easy to rinse and dry the boots after diving. The boots have a shaped heel to improve the fit of the fin straps with open foot pocket. With these features, Classic NG dive boots offer thermal protection with maximum comfort of movement.
The features of the Classic NG 5mm dive boots are:
- Contoured heel to improve the fit of the fin straps
- Also suitable for long distance diving
- 5mm black neoprene
- Rubber sole



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